Toolbox essentials that really measure up!

For tradesmen who need to regularly measure long lengths or awkward spaces single-handed, there’s nothing more frustrating than a flimsy tape measure that won’t stay put or crumples at the slightest touch. That’s why these sturdy new heavy-duty tape measures from Xpert are built with strength and usability in mind.

Available in 5m or 8m lengths (that’s 16 or 26 feet in old money), with metric and imperial units displayed on both sides and a double-sided hook, the durable nylon-coated blade delivers ever-ready, easy-read measuring dexterity at any angle. For quick stops or continuous hold of the rule when measuring, the dual blade break offers ultimate, intuitive control. The rubberised case easily handles general wear and tear, as well as helping to improve grip and increase comfort during use. And when all the dimensions have been taken, the handy belt clip on the back of the tape measure provides convenient, quick-draw storage.

Xpert tape measures are distributed exclusively by leading hardware provider, Window Ware, and available to buy from trade counters and retailers across the country. Click here to find your nearest stockist or email if you’re interested in selling them.

A guaranteed hit with glaziers!

Xpert’s reliable mallet with a soft touch!

Continuing in our mission to support double glaziers and installers with quality essential tools they can rely on every day to do the job properly and turn out great results, Xpert is pleased to introduced their new 16oz rubber mallet.

This soft-striking tool is perfect when some carefully-applied extra clout is needed for a wide range of glazing tasks including attaching top caps to conservatory roofs or gently knocking window frames into position. The white rubber head helps to dampen the impact, thereby reducing the risk of marking or breaking brittle, fragile materials like plastic.

The durable non-slip fibreglass handle ensures the mallet can be wielded again and again with a firm grip and complete control.

The Xpert 16oz mallet is distributed exclusively by leading fenestration hardware provider, Window Ware, and sold through trade counters and retailers across the country. Click here to find your nearest Xpert stockist or email if you’re interested in selling the mallet.