Valentine’s Squeeze

Now that’s what we call ‘sealed with love’ this Valentine’s Day!

In all seriousness though, achieving this kind of precise, mess-free application of caulk, sealant or adhesives is easy with our Xpert heavy-duty dripless mastic gun, whatever shape, size or sort of construction project you’re working on.

And while in reality most trade professionals probably won’t ever need to apply silicone in a heart-shaped, they’ll still want a mastic gun that gives them full control of the product even round awkward edges with drip-free application to create a neat, professional finish with minimum waste.

Call sales on 01234 242740 or email to enquire about stocking the Xpert dripless mastic gun.

Giving our Xpert stockists a February Freebie pick-me-up

There’s no doubt 2020 was a year like no other – nothing went according to plan – not least the Xpert Tools 10th anniversary celebrations!  But, despite the challenges, we’ve all managed to adapt, follow COVID-safe protocols and make it through, together!

Even though 2020 is done and dusted, we realise these first few months of 2021 might still feel like an uphill struggle! With this in mind, we decided our Xpert stockists deserved a little February pick-me-up, so earlier this month, we sent them a bunch of FREE Xpert goodies to cheer them up and say thank you for continuing to stock and champion Xpert Tools.

Our practical Xpert merchandise is just the job

Winter is the time to wrap up warm, so we included a few of our brilliant Xpert beanies to keep out the cold when working or exercising outdoors!

You can never have enough pens – particular these days, as sharing office equipment can help spread coronavirus. So, we also included a handful of Xpert pens for stockists to give away to customers at the checkout counter, helping to reduce contact points, or simply to replenish their own stationery cupboard.

We hope our stockists found our Xpert freebies useful and they’ll continue to serve them well in the coming weeks. Just two months into 2021 and there is still plenty of uncertainty in the industry. However, one thing is for sure: Whatever this year has in store, we’ll continue to do our utmost to safely keep our stockists’ shelves stocked and their customers happy with specialist glazing tools that are always up to the job.

As always, stockists can call us on 01234 242740 to place an order, enquire about our products or even give us a nudge if they haven’t received their Xpert pens and beanies yet!

Staying safe whilst working in customers homes

How can you stay safe while working in the home? Xpert Tools shares the latest advice.

Around the country, thousands of installers are getting ready to go back to work after the strictest coronavirus lockdown measures were finally lifted. But many are understandably nervous about entering people’s homes.

After challenging months of lockdown, we’re now taking the first steps towards normality. The government is actively encouraging people who can’t work from home – which includes thousands of window and door installers – to return. It’s obviously a very welcome announcement for the thousands of businesses in our industry that have had to effectively shut up shop entirely over the last few weeks but for some, it’s inevitably going to be a source of worry, too. When your job involves entering people’s homes on a daily basis, how can you work while keeping yourselves, your families, and your customers safe? We’ve taken a look at all of the information out there, and there are two guides that have been produced by Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) that are well worth reading. These guides can be accessed via their website at – even if you are not a member.

This will come as great news to the thousands of installation companies out there as these guides have been specifically written for them. The first guide – aimed at companies is a 9-page document which gives clear, concise information on the steps needed to allow you to work safely in someone’s home.

They’ve also produced a guide for the homeowner too – which companies can share to ensure the homeowner knows guidance is being followed whilst the work is being carried out.

The right tools for the job

As trade counters and stockists across the country begin to re-open, getting hold of the right tools for the job is becoming easier, and as the chosen brand for many installers, Xpert Tools are stocked in over 300 trade counters nationwide.

Now in its 10th year, the range has grown over the years to cover all aspects of fenestration – from manufacture, right the way through to the installation.

Window Ware and Xpert celebrates 10-years at the top of tools

Xpert surpasses 10 year milestone

Xpert, the specialist tool arm of hardware distributor Window Ware is celebrating 10 years of successfully helping tradespeople work faster, smarter and safer.

Launched in 2010, Xpert was the brainchild of a group of likeminded, professional fitters, frustrated by the lack of specialist tools and equipment for the fenestration industry. Using their wealth of experience, the group banded together to design and build a bespoke range of tools and essentials.

The result was a range that finally gave tradespeople tried-and-tested tools that were truly fit for purpose. Whether it’s the moon knife, uPVC saw or gasket shears, fitters no longer needed to make do with general purpose tools – a development which made Xpert an instant hit with the trade.

Xpert’s success brought the brand to the attention of Window Ware, the award-winning hardware supplier, who in 2016 added the range into their product portfolio. Since then, Xpert has expanded beyond air tools and hand tools to include machinery spares, materials and accessories. The aim is to help fabricators minimise unnecessary downtime whilst continuing to help installers deliver the best quality in less time.

“It’s incredible to see Xpert grow from an idea among friends to this trailblazing tool brand, trusted by fabricators, installers and over 300 stockists nationwide,” comments Karl Williamson, Business Development Manager at Window Ware. “This milestone is only possible through maintaining our original ethos of offering tradespeople a proven range of products which makes their job easier and safer.


“The support of Window Ware has helped extend that commitment, adding relevant products which benefit both the fitter and the fabricator, and supporting the range with unrivalled technical support and service excellence. I’m proud of the role I played in developing Xpert and I’m delighted to still be championing the brand 10-years later as part of the Window Ware family.”


Sam Nuckey, Managing Director of Window Ware adds: “We are absolutely delighted to be celebrating Xpert’s 10th anniversary. When the opportunity arose to bring Xpert under the Window Ware umbrella, it was really a no-brainer. From day one, Xpert has answered a clear gap in the market with quality tools, equipment and consumables.


“It’s brought a whole new range of products to our offering, meaning customers can get everything from specialist tools to Teflon to machine spares and cleaners from the same place as their window and door hardware. Best of all, they can take advantage of our next-day delivery service and broad technical knowledge in the process.”

Quick fixes & final flourishes

No job is too big or too small for Xpert’s new range of super glues and cleaners!

Mend it
For a multitude of household and DIY mending and repair tasks, there’s Xpert’s fast-acting super glue which is perfect for sticking together all kinds of non-porous materials such as plastics, metal, glass and rubber. When used with the super glue activator spray – also new to Xpert – this strong adhesive dries literally in seconds for an almost instant fix! The glue is available in two sizes and three viscosities to suit any usage level or application.

Clean it
For any PVCu plastic cleaning requirements, Xpert now offers a duo of ultra-effective grime-busting products. Whether used at point of manufacture or after installation, the Xpert PVCu solvent cleaner removes every last trace of mastic and sealant, as well as general grease and dirt from door or window frames to give spotless results. This hard-working cleaner effortlessly removes muck and rejuvenates all kinds of plastic surfaces inside and out!

Shine it
A thorough clean-up wouldn’t be complete without a quick wipe-over of any glass or mirrors and Xpert has just the thing for the job – our Xpert professional glass cleaner – guarantee to give sparkling, streak-free results every time.

These products are distributed exclusively by Window Ware and sold through trade counters and retailers across the country. Store locator to find your nearest Xpert stockist or email if you’re interested in selling the range.