Why Xpert?

In 2010, a team of experienced, professional window fitters realised that many of the tools used within the glazing industry were not actually intended for that purpose. To address this gap in the market, the Xpert brand was born, giving fenestration professionals a range of tried-and-tested tools, hardware and equipment essentials they can rely on every day.

Proven tools for the industry

Our products help fabricators and fitters achieve the best results in less time because they’ve been designed with inside, hands-on knowledge of how they are really used in the workplace – that includes the bad habits! The result is practical, proven kit preferred by trade professionals because it eliminates many of the irritations associated with employing general-purpose tools and consistently delivers the desired results.

Why it has to be Xpert…

Because general-purpose tools just can’t cut it! If you build or fit windows, you need equipment that’s specifically designed for the job, with the power to improve your productivity and match your workflow. Xpert tools are always fit-for-purpose at a price that’s right!