Having the right glazing tool could genuinely make the difference between a good job and a bad one. That’s why general-purpose tools just won’t cut it for specialist glazing tasks – and why it pays to opt for the ‘Xperts’ choice.

We’ve all heard the saying, “A bad workman always blames his tools.” Admittedly, it’s far easier to attribute a poor job to the tools used rather than any lack of skill or experience.

But there are exceptions to every rule and in some cases, however, it really is the fault of the tools rather than the person wielding them. The specialist nature of the glazing industry means that door and window fitters and fabricators are more prone to falling foul of ill-suited, inappropriate kit.

If you build or install windows, you need equipment that’s specifically designed for the job in hand. Without them, you’re not only doing your skills and expertise an injustice, you might have to work twice as hard to get the finish you want and, if the job isn’t up to scratch, you could harm your chances of winning further business in the future.

The right tools, on the other hand, are more likely to suit your preferred way of working and help you tackle jobs with greater efficiency to give you better results in less time and with less effort.

Designed by experts for experts

Over 10 years ago, a team of likeminded, experienced, professional window fitters realised that many of the tools used within the glazing industry were not actually intended for that purpose.

Fed up with having to make do with general-purpose equipment, that team set out to fill the gap in the market by creating a dedicated range of tools specifically designed for the fenestration industry. That’s when the Xpert brand was born.

Xpert tools are designed with insider knowledge and hands-on experience of how they are really used by fabricators and fitters in the workplace, including the bad habits! The result is practical, proven kit preferred by trade professionals because it consistently delivers the desired results and eliminates many of the irritations associated with employing general-purpose tools.

Realise your best work

It’s essential that fabricators and fitters have tried-and-tested tools, hardware, and equipment they can rely on to get the job done right, day in, day out.  Afterall, there is a lot riding on their ability to turn out a perfect product or installation each and every time. Product quality, security and mechanical performance, lifespan and aesthetics, and even the reputation of your company name can all be adversely affected by something as simple as inadequate apparatus.

That’s why Xpert’s range of specialised air tools, hand tools, machinery spares, and consumables can make all the difference.

Fabricators can achieve maximum productivity with top-notch air drills and screwdrivers, sanders and grinders, bench tools and machinery spares such as thermocouples, teflon, burrs and cutters, router and drill bits to ensure machinery operates at optimum efficiency for uninterrupted operation and superior results.

Fitters can really bring out the best in every installation with high quality hand tools including everything from chisel knives and moon knives, to gasket shears, foam guns and mastic guns as well as glass gauges, tape measures, glass lifters, and glazing shovels.

Last but not least, for those impeccable finishing touches, the best solvent and glass cleaners will remove any trace of dirt or residue to leave doors and windows spotless.

Don’t wait

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