Super Glue Activator Spray

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Shortens the bonding time by speeding up the adhesion process for our Xpert Superglue.

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Xpert super glue might already be quick drying, but you can speed up drying time further with a light spray of this Xpert superglue activator. Apply a small amount of activator to just one surface only and leave to dry. Next, apply some adhesive to the other surface and press together till bonded – approx. 10 seconds. Job done! Use with our Xpert Super Glue


  • Solvent-based super glue activator
  • Works with Xpert superglue to accelerate adhesion
  • Reduces bloom and odour
  • Non-yellowing formulation
  • 200ml aerosol spray can
  • Not to be sold to under 18s
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