Any trades- or craftsperson will tell you: If you don’t have the right tools, even a simple job can often take twice as long, and the end results might not be quite up to scratch. That’s why, especially if you’re working in the door and window trade, it really does pay to choose the kind of dedicated fenestration hand tools that Xpert is renowned for.

As Window Ware’s Richard Bryant explains in the March issue of Total Installer, busy door and window installers working flat out can always rely on Xpert tools to achieve the best results in less time. The Xpert range is developed to streamline an installer’s most frequent, yet most essential tasks and perfect results, while alleviating the irritations associated with using general purpose tools.

What’s more Xpert Tools are now sold in over 300 stockists across the country, so installers don’t have to go far to find them. And with a healthy inventory and dependable deliveries, Window Ware has been making sure stocks never run dry despite multiple COVID lockdowns and the well-publicised supply chain challenges of last year.

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Total Installer March 2022