Is sourcing your top-selling tools and favourite brands proving to be a bit of headache at the moment? With material shortages and supply disruptions still ongoing the world over, it’s no wonder some popular items are proving hard to track down and your shelves may be looking a little emptier than usual. Indeed, many retailers have resorted to scouring multiple suppliers, juggling numerous deliveries and wading through all the extra paperwork in a bid to keep their shelves stocked and their customers happy.

But Karl Williamson, Business Development Manager for Window Ware (the home of Xpert Tools), believes the key to minimising hassle is to keep things simple by sticking with a single, trusted multi-brand supplier with a proven track record of delivering the big brands and well-loved tool names you’re after!

Clear here to read his Xpert Advice article in the November issue of Total Installer and find out what makes Window Ware the perfect supply partner to relieve your restocking headaches.