How can you stay safe while working in the home? Xpert Tools shares the latest advice.

Around the country, thousands of installers are getting ready to go back to work after the strictest coronavirus lockdown measures were finally lifted. But many are understandably nervous about entering people’s homes.

After challenging months of lockdown, we’re now taking the first steps towards normality. The government is actively encouraging people who can’t work from home – which includes thousands of window and door installers – to return. It’s obviously a very welcome announcement for the thousands of businesses in our industry that have had to effectively shut up shop entirely over the last few weeks but for some, it’s inevitably going to be a source of worry, too. When your job involves entering people’s homes on a daily basis, how can you work while keeping yourselves, your families, and your customers safe? We’ve taken a look at all of the information out there, and there are two guides that have been produced by Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) that are well worth reading. These guides can be accessed via their website at – even if you are not a member.

This will come as great news to the thousands of installation companies out there as these guides have been specifically written for them. The first guide – aimed at companies is a 9-page document which gives clear, concise information on the steps needed to allow you to work safely in someone’s home.

They’ve also produced a guide for the homeowner too – which companies can share to ensure the homeowner knows guidance is being followed whilst the work is being carried out.

The right tools for the job

As trade counters and stockists across the country begin to re-open, getting hold of the right tools for the job is becoming easier, and as the chosen brand for many installers, Xpert Tools are stocked in over 300 trade counters nationwide.

Now in its 10th year, the range has grown over the years to cover all aspects of fenestration – from manufacture, right the way through to the installation.