Valentine’s Squeeze

Now that’s what we call ‘sealed with love’ this Valentine’s Day!

In all seriousness though, achieving this kind of precise, mess-free application of caulk, sealant or adhesives is easy with our Xpert heavy-duty dripless mastic gun, whatever shape, size or sort of construction project you’re working on.

And while in reality most trade professionals probably won’t ever need to apply silicone in a heart-shaped, they’ll still want a mastic gun that gives them full control of the product even round awkward edges with drip-free application to create a neat, professional finish with minimum waste.

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Drip-less is definitely more!

If you hate waste, you’ll love the new dripless mastic gun from Xpert which is guaranteed to stop pushing out sealant as soon as you release the trigger for a responsive flow cut-off and minimal mess. That means you can wave goodbye to all those annoying, involuntary splurges of silicone spaghetti and out-of-control caulking curls which are a common irritation of old-school, cheaper guns.

Xpert product manager, Karl Williamson, explains, “our dripless gun is a reliable, durable piece of kit that does exactly what it says, putting the user in full control of where and how much product is applied.

Mastic Essential

Whether you want to apply caulks, sealants or adhesives, the rotating barrel accepts both standard and larger sized tubes for flexible usage and controlled, comfortable application. When not in use, the gun can easily be hung up and safely stored away by means of a handy hook. Silicone sealants are a crucial component in any window installation, which means fitters can’t afford to scrimp on this toolkit essential. The Xpert dripless mastic gun is a cost-effective, highly capable piece of equipment that promises first-class results fast! 

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